DRAGONFLY is Grand Banks 42 Heritage Motor Yacht trawler design. This story is about why we choose the motoryacht design over the other types of Grand Banks yachts available. When we ordered her, there were three choices of top side designs. All the bottoms were the same. The least expensive was the "Classic". It was about 15% less in price than the motoryacht and because of this it is the one you see the most and the one you might think of when you think of Grand Banks yachts. The middle choice was the "Europa". It was the smallest and cost about 5% less than a motoryacht.

We had two "Classic 46's before we ordered Dragonfly. We liked the "Classic's" we had but it was hard for us to climb up to the fly bridge, and really hard while under way and/or carrying food or drinks. The Europas we were on were no easier. The motoryacht broke the climb into two stages. Four steps put us on the back deck. Since we have chairs there, sometimes we did not need to go any further. However, it is only another 4 steps to the fly bridge. This made it much easier for us to get around. We have not been young and nimble for some time now and we did not expect that to improve with age.

We had one Grand Banks with all teak decks and another with all glass decks. The GB with all teak was always hot and we needed to wear shoes to go on deck in the summer, but it was easy to clean and did not show dirt where we came on the boat. The all glass deck was cooler but required more cleaning, particularly where we got on. So when we ordered Dragonfly, we had teak decks where we got on the boat and glass decks on the rest.

At the time we ordered our boat, all GBs had bench seating on the fly bridge. One side faced forward and the other side faced aft. We order swivel captain's chairs to replace the benches. I see now this arrangement is almost standard on the newer models.

We really liked the large aft deck. It gives us an entertainment area other than the seating on the fly bridge. We had some custom teak chairs made. They fold up and have Sunbrella bags to store them. The aft deck is covered with a matching Sunbella bimini.

Another big selling point for the motoryacht was the aft cabin. It has a real queen sized bed, just like at home. We can go into any store that sells bedding and pick up fitted sheets. And they fit our bed! You can walk around the bed and there is sufficient storage so that I can leave enough clothing there to never bring a suitcase when I visit Dragonfly.

There were some interior design changes that we felt we needed. The first was the forward cabin. We wanted our guests to have more privacy than was available in our other GB's. So we had the head door made into a sliding door on one side and regular door forward. With this arrangement, the forward head can still be used as a day head. Or it can be locked off and when the forward stateroom's door is closed, our guests can come and go from the forward head in privacy.

The two side entry doors were changed to be lined up with each other so we could walk straight through the boat to reach the opposite side. We had the aft cabin plumbed for a washer and dryer. After we saw the soap suds floating from another boat, we did not have them installed.

My wife and I both wanted a freezer that could freeze ice cream solid. So the freezer has -30*F holding plates. She also wanted a down galley so she could leave the galley out of sight until she was ready to tackle the mess. And she likes to cook with gas so we have a propane stove.

Both forward and aft heads have large separate showers, large enough to turn around in. We got the stainless steel package, FloScans, spurs, dual Racors, Vacu-Flush heads, gas stove, and much more. Our custom touches have made this Grand Banks 42 something really special. So when you're looking for an excellent and reliable Grand Banks yacht, you should consider Dragonfly. For more information about Dragonfly, please visit our books website at : Both forward and aft heads have large separate showers, large enough to turn around in. We got the stainless steel package, FloScans, spurs, dual Racors, Vacu-Flush heads, gas stove, and much more.  For more information about Dragonfly, please visit our book's website at :  www.dragonflypublishingco.com


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